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24/7 French Lessons

I will never forget what a delightful afternoon it turned out to be the day Karen Eberwein sent me her blogs, wondering if I thought they could be made into a book.  Karen had spent close to a year in a village in the Dordogne to learn French immersion style, and had written blogs for friends and family describing her adventures and mishaps with the language. I happened to be roasting garden tomatoes that day, with garlic and onions, honey and herbs, and as I read Karen's vignettes, the smells in my kitchen meshed perfectly with the (often culinary related) accounts of her experiences in France.


I emailed Karen my advice on what I thought it would take to make a publishable book out of her blogs, and was immeasurably impressed when Karen sent back her first draft, in which she accomplished everything I hoped for and more.


Karen’s dedication to her craft made the process of editing and revising, adding and refining, go quickly and smoothly, and she self-published in 2015, illustrating her book with her charming photos.


I really love her style, wit, and the way I feel like I’ve just visited Southern France after reading this book. You can read more about it and/or treat yourself to a copy here.

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