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iAwake Technologies Blog

The blogs on the iAwake Technologies website are a great treat to edit, full of insight, wisdom, and practical tips about meditation, spiritual development, and how we can evolve into our best selves. iAwake produces brainwave entrainment tracks that carry the listener into deep meditative states, and also tracks that enhance focus, creativity, and flow. I practice with the tracks every morning, and sometimes while I edit. I have headphones on with iAwake's Mini Meditations playing right now as I write this.


The blog content I edit sometimes comes from articles written by various members of the iAwake team or, quite often, I am handed a transcription of the weekly online (free) teleseminar, which might be a meditation coaching session responding to queries of the people calling in, or an interview with one of iAwake’s intriguing partners on the cutting edge of the spiritual technologies wave.


If the idea of using brainwave entrainment to enhance your meditation or performance in whatever field appeals to you, you can download a free demo from the iAwake site and check it out. 

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