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Joy Morris, Ph.D., is a psychologist, poet, peace dance leader, and nature enthusiast. Editing her book of poems was a wonderful journey into her inner world. Joy allowed me to comb through her journals, picking out what I thought were the most inspirational and poetic pieces, name the poems that didn't already have a name, choose the line lengths -- what incredible freedom and license she gave me to play with her inspired words and visions.

I will share the opening poem with you.

The Invitation

You are invited to go within and

feel the rising of your energy.

Come, be here now --

with yourself, with nature.

Take a quantum leap,

open to grace.

Like big fluffy snowflakes,

the grace of mystery is falling

on and all around you.

Let grace fall.

Grace is falling on me.

I open to the grace of mystery.

I enter the mystery of grace.

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