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An Integral Guide to Recovery

Guy du Plessis is a brilliant colleague of John Dupuy's (author of Integral Recovery), who asked me to edit his book following the success of John's book. Guy was very eager to publish quickly, so my participation consisted of stylistic, copy editing,  and proofreading, but did not get into substantive and structural editing. Happily, the book's basic structure was already in very good shape by the time I received the manuscript, due to Guy's persistent, hard work.


Guy lives in South Africa, but the book was published in the U.S., so a lot of the editing consisted of changing British-style grammar, spelling, and punctuation to American.


What I really enjoyed about editing this book and what I think is surprising, is that the content is in no way repetitive of John's book on the very same subject. The two books are totally complementary. Guy brings in all sorts of fascinating information about the psychology of addiction, which actually is applicable to everyone wishing to understand themselves more deeply—what drives us, how we get into trouble, our weaknesses and our strengths, and what we need to do to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and make the best of our lives.


If you want to learn some very useful and insightful perspectives on recovery, read more about Guy's book here.



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