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Era of Crisis

Heidi Hornlein is in the process of publishing marvelous iBooks about The Wisdom Factory's weekly online shows that she and her husband host from their home in Italy. Guest speakers share their wisdom and their Integral perspective on a wide variety of subjects—from cooking to politics in the Middle East to maintaining healthy intimate relationships. 


The iBooks have links to the audio tapes of the shows, so the reader has the option of just reading the summary of the show in the book, discovering more about the amazing guest speakers through bios and links, or of tuning into some or all of the actual show.


Heidi has had some difficulty publishing with iBooks, so I am never quite certain if my edited version has been published or if a prior draft is the one that "took." If you check out these iBooks and see spelling mistakes right away, that is not a version that I edited!

I love the variety of the things I get to edit and therefore learn about in the process. Please check out The Wisdom Factory's iBook here: 

The Era of Crisis: How to Handle Conflict with Wisdom.



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